The care of the skin, an organ that is constantly in contact with the exterior and protects us from environmental elements and bacteria, is included in dermocosmetics. It is about the products, between medicines and traditional cosmetics, such as cacay oil, with aesthetic benefits and indicated to restore skin health.

Nutritional supplement

Cacay oil and nut contain a large amount of Retinol, Vitamin E, Omega 6, Squalene and Phytosterols, among many other compounds, being an excellent FOOD SUPPLEMENT. A regular intake promotes a better functioning of many human body systems such as reproductive, immune and digestive systems, among others.


The cacay nut is a food rich in phosphorus, calcium and iron. The protein content of the nut is from 15% to 19%, and the press-cake is from 43% to 46%. Nuts can be eaten raw, roasted, fried, or boiled in salt water. The ground walnut is turned into flour to produce vitamin supplements and beverages.