Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a historic opportunity to gather countries and people around the world and start new paths into the future; They were created to eradicate poverty, promote prosperity and welfare for all, protect the environment and tackle global climate change.

Arlés SAS is aware of the importance of adopting the Sustainable Development Goals of UN, and joined the First and Second action steps in CSR program of Universidad del Externado in Colombia, implementing partner in Colombia of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), to grow within a Sustainable organization model.


Environmental responsibility: in addition to complying with responsible waste management and water use, 250 hectares of native forest and 150 hectares reserved for additional afforestation are also part of the property, helping the natural habitat and protecting the Amazon.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility: local development with fair wages, incentive programs and benefits focused on stimulate motivation and welfare of employees, ensuring continuity and constant education. An inclusive staff policy focused on local communities.