Biodiversity on the Colombian high plain: more than 300 species have been tracked on the Tillavá river basin, which is the eastern frontier of our plantation. A wide variety of animals were found in this first biodiversity expedition in the department of the Meta in April 2021. For more information,

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The UNU Foundation is a non-profit entity, initially endowed with a patrimony given by Arles SAS; However, we will look further for new donors who share our vision.

The UNU Foundation fight against climate change, deforestation and indiscriminate hunting in 10,000 hectares of influence, composed by 4 different ecosystems: the savannah, the gallery forest, the moriche forest and the river, each one with its own species. This is how it joins the global initiative to protect el Corredor del Jaguar, the biggest feline in South America.

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The UNU foundation will focus its efforts on the transition zone between the regions of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers in Colombia. This privileged and unique location is a great opportunity, but it also means a huge responsibility, since it is the transition zone and it has flora and fauna belonging to both, the Orinoco River and the Amazon River basins.

The corporate purpose of UNU Foundation is to take care of Environment through specific programs that are already ongoing, such as: Fauna Project, Flora Project, Solar Energy Project. It will also include the Adopt a Tree and Adopt a Forest programs.

This is the first time that a program will have an integrated approach to protect the Amazon ecosystem. It will protect this globally important biodiversity, and will mitigate climate change through the implementation of policies to promote a sustainable use of fields, the management of protected areas, and the recovery of vegetation cover.

Fauna Project

It highlights different species of terrestrial vertebrates present in gallery forests in the facilities of “La Calimeña farm” in the municipality of Puerto Gaitán.

This project will allow to have a clear knowledge of ​​the presence of vertebrate animals on the farm (an inventory), that will help to understand their conservation status and take action on this matter.


Flora Project

To establish a strategy for the re-introduction and repopulation of wild plant species in wooded areas and morichals, affected by environmental and anthropogenic factors, also in areas with potential to expand their vegetation cover, mainly located in the municipality of Puerto Gaitán.

Solar energy project

We are committed not only to the rational use of energy generation infrastructure, but also to the permanent search and implementation of renewable energy sources that contribute to the sustainable energy.

The Arles solar energy project provides the energy needs of its facilities for 12 hours a day.