The oil extraction process is divided into two parts: the benefit of the fruit from which almonds are extracted, and the extraction of almond oil.

The processing plant extracts almonds, laboratory control fruit and almond quality and oil is obtained thanks to the industrial extraction.

Fruit benefit

The benefit comes from fruit mechanical dehulling and drying in less than 48 hours. Later, almond is extracted and moisture content is reduced, it is vacuum packed and stored in a dark environment under a controlled temperature in order to keep oil quality.

Harvest is seasonal and trees produce fruit once a year; therefore, we project oil extraction oil over a one-year period.


Oil extraction

Oil is extracted from almonds in low temperature screw presses, in such a way that the fatty acid chains are kept intact. The resulting oil has afterwards a mechanical filtering and decantation process to obtain a virgin CACAY oil with ideal properties.

Pilot plant

The actions steps carried out in our pilot plant are:

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of fruit to measure its qualities.

Quantitative and qualitative extraction and analysis of almond contained in fruit.

Extraction and quantitative and qualitative analysis of almond oil.

Analysis of extraction results in plant to evaluate treatments and field trials in a controlled way.


We comply restricted operating conditions, in order to avoid deterioration of the valuable oil components and preserve all qualities.

Extracción Industrial

Cumplimos con condiciones de operación restringidas para evitar el deterioro de los valiosos componentes del aceite y conservarlo con todas sus cualidades.

These conditions are: stainless steel machinery, extraction by cold pressing, oil decanting, mechanical filtering, mechanical oil polishing, oil storing in dark place, avoiding movement and under a controlled temperature.