We have plantation intelligence to ensure an individual tracking from seed to oil. We achieve this by using what we call “precision agriculture”, where nothing is left to chance.

We control our plantation with a 24/7 monitoring of each tree. Each one has a chip to identifies and recognizes it as a unique individual, with specific attributes of location, tasks, yields and productivity, allowing an individualized intervention on each tree in a natural way, and even immediately, if necessary.


Tracking or traceability is a cultivation strategy that let us know the history of each tree from when it is a seed to the oil produced by each tree.


El Tracking o trazabilidad es una estrategia de cultivo que permite conocer la historia de cada árbol desde que es una semilla hasta el aceite que produce ese árbol en particular.


We have tools to process Big Data captured in plantations.

The information stored about each tree is processed in trend graphs and key performance indicators. This is the analysis and decision-making starting point.