Arlés Ibérica, winner in the Beauty Innovation Days

The Seventh edition of the Beauty Innovation Days was celebrated the past 23rd and 24th of February and organized by the Beauty Cluster in Barcelona. There were more than 40 presentations by companies involved in the beauty industry, and in this edition, for the very first time, there were 6 different categories to reward the scientific effort, innovation or collaboration between participants.

The Beauty Innovation Awards, all with high emphasis on innovation, were:

  • Best Business Collaboration
  • Best Strategy
  • Best Sustainable Innovative Project
  • Best Technology
  • Best Innovative Start-up
  • Best Innovative Company


Arlés Ibérica, in representation of Arles SAS, received the Best Sustainable Innovatitive Project prize, for its ecological facilities, its sustainable processes and its commitment with the environment.

We are grateful with the Beauty Cluster for letting us being part of this event, and for giving us this significant recognition. We reiterate our constant commitment with the Amazon, the environment, our workers and the quality of our products.